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30 Years FDCL - presente!

Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum Chile-Lateinamerika gemeinnütziger e.V.

Center for Research and Documentation Chile – Latin America

Since1974 the FDCL is part of the German solidarity movement and serves as ainformation and communication center for individual and groups, thatwant to inform themselves about Latin America or get involved withspecific issues. Different solidarity groups, country comittees,migrant groups, Latin America-related media projects (like theLateinamerika Nachrichten) and development initiatives work under the“umbrella”? of FDCL.

In 2004 we celebrated "30 years FDCL –presente!" On this occasion we documented a part of our history:Events, publications, flyers, press-articles and much more – unsorted,uncommented, uncensored.

Picture Gallery 30 years FDCL – presente!

Image gallery 30 Years FDCL - presente!

1974-1984     1985-1994       1995-2004



1974-1984     1985-1994       1995-2004